Street Team Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in joining our Street Team! We are glad to have you onboard! But first, a formality.

All the authors in our group will follow the guidelines below. Although we have some flexibility in how we run our book release, we are bound to behave a certain way, as are you. Before signing up, please read the details below.

  1. Everyone interested should read the Google Form thoroughly, then sign up if they are interested. Street teams will be built by each author based off of the information each person provides on the form. For example, if an author has a YA Fantasy book they are releasing, they will most likely ask people who are interested in YA and/or Fantasy if they are interested first.
  2. Team members must be able to post to at least 2 of these sites – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blog, TikTok, YouTube during the course of the campaign.
  3. Will be expected to post 3x weekly about the upcoming release (author can set timeframes).
  4. Will be expected to post 3x weekly following release (author can set timeframes).
  5. Author/Imprint will provide graphics to street team members to use in their social media posts but members are welcome to create their own graphics as well!
  6. ARCs can not be shared with anyone.
  7. Must read entire ARC unless dropping out of the street team.
  8. Any problems must be discussed with the author/imprint, negative public comments will result in removal from street team.
  9. Bullying/Harassment will not be tolerated towards readers, reviewers, other street team members, or the author/imprint.
  10. Street team members must communicate with the author/imprint using the email address used during sign up.
  11. Street team members are an extension of the author/imprint and will act accordingly, but must make it clear that they are not employed by the author/imprint and the author/imprint are not liable for the street teams actions, statements, behaviors, etc.
  12. Street Team Members are not compensated financially or materially. They will be provided ARCs of books for FREE (ebook and/or hardcopy), and may receive swag from author(s), but these teams are volunteer only.
  13. All information conveyed to the street team by the author/imprint is confidential and should be kept confidential.
  14. If an invitation is extended by an author to join a street team, no one is under any obligation to accept. However, if a response is not received within 3 business days, the spot may be forfeited and extended to someone else.
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