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Hey Authors! The more I get into Book Marketing, the more I value the idea of having tons and tons of images of my books, outside of the original cover image. Including Animated Book Covers!

Images by Tiffany Christina Lewis – Do Not Use Without Permission

As you are Tweeting and sharing on Facebook, viewers become desensitized to your cover image. They scroll and scroll right past it! Using mockup images and animation is a good way to shake it up for your audience and entice new readers to check out your books!

And NO! This is not an ad for my books. It’s an ad for yours! I am offering a super cheap mockup service for you! I want to do it more than you probably even want it done because I love being creative and I really think you need it.

Check out my Portfolio Here!


Mockup Images

1 image + a freebie! = $5
3 images + a freebie! = $12
5 images + a freebie! = $20

Animated Book Covers

1 Cover = $10
3 Covers = $25

If you are interested, have questions or comments,
email me at!

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