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Meet Officer Michael Taylor, a good looking, smart, and streetwise cop with the Oakland Police Department. As he prepares for his detectives’ exam, Michael is called to the scene of a possible domestic disturbance but what he finds there is beyond a small quarrel. The case is passed on to a detective in the department and Michael returns to his beat, content not to have to deal with the messy case.

When Michael is mistaken for the detective on the case thanks to an erroneous news article, he is thrust into the investigation despite his protests. Then a cryptic phone call puts him in the middle of the action and his legacy with the PD begins.

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Group 1741

In the year 2085, rehabilitation has finally become the preferred method for managing criminals. The worst of the worst roam the streets with strict guidelines that successfully prevent them from returning to a life of crime. Prisons are now spacious and reserved for the ultra-violent and uncontrollable.

One of the many tactics used to reform hardened criminals are group therapy sessions. Run by trained doctors with their own henchmen for protection, the sessions are intended to purge impure thoughts and offer criminals a way to change their lives and avoid jail time.

Join Dr. Jackson Shelton and Group 1741 as his five current members navigate their reformation.

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